An engraving of a hand coming out of a cloud and holding a metal cone out of which rises a skeleton torso with its arms raised.

In my experience, few instructors like grades. In art especially I think it would be more beneficial to you to just make a lot of work, get lots of feedback, and then either pass or fail. Unfortunately, that’s not the system we’ve signed on for. We’re beholden (somewhat) to the college’s system and scale. It’s not unreasonable, but let’s try and keep other motivations in the forefront, ok?

For my part, I’ll try to be clear about how a project will be graded and how you earn the grade you get. Your job is to figure out a way to be motivated to do the project for your own reasons and not just to earn a high mark. If you get a grade that you feel does not reflect your work relative to the stated parameters of the project, please follow the 24/7 rule and let me know about it. The 24/7 rule asks you to wait 24 hours before contacting me about grades and no later than 7 days out. Please refer to the rubric and make your case in writing for the grade you think you should have earned. (Small math errors are exempted from the 24/7 rule.)

We will be using this grade scale.

A          100 – 93
AB         92 – 87
B          86 – 81
BC         80 – 75
C          74 – 69
CD         68 – 63
D          62 – 57
F          56 – 0

You will earn your final grade through the following assignments:

20%     Professional participation + communication (e.g. showing up, writing, etc.)
20%     Gouache Introductions assignment
20%     Surface Design assignment
20%     Editorial Illustration assignment
20%     Final Project

I will use the grade book on moodle. You can always find your grade there.