We’ll be collaborating with the Saturday Farmers Market to produce an illustration they can use on posters and other merch. We will work to listen carefully to our client to make sure the work we produce is authentic to their brand and serves their mission. The farmers market team will invite their community to vote via social media on the final image to be used.


  • Practice empathetic listening to clients
  • Research to build a vocabulary of images and ideas specific to this context
  • Gain insight into how our work can serve our clients and community
  • Help promote an organization that enriches our city and culture
  • Get our work into the “real world” and see how it does

What You’ll Create:

  • Many thumbnails of ideas and a mood board indicating the direction in which you’re headed
  • A square (minimum 10″ x 10″ @ 300 ppi) multicolor image that can work in a variety of formats including but not limited to posters, print adds, online media, stickers, and screenprinted t-shirts
  • Reflective writing explaining how your illustration satisfies the needs of the client
  • As always: a lot of sketches, process work, and research

Skills We’ll Learn:

  • Translating drawings into print-ready formats, color separations, etc.
  • Communicating with clients
  • Presenting work publicly in an authentic and professional manner

Project Specifications

  • Square aspect for production: starting at 10” x 10” 
  • Mock-ups for voting: t-shirts, hats, stadium cup, stickers, etc. 
  • Final turnover: slides for insta at 1080 x 1080 px
  • Full color option with possibility of future screenprinting

How Will We Know We Did It Well?

  • The work is completed on time and satisfies given specifications
  • Your final illustration is true to your creative voice AND satisfies the needs of the client
  • The finished illustration is presented in an appropriate context (e.g., mocked up on a hoody or laid out with text on a poster)


3/21, T – In Class: Meeting with Lamyai Kizzee and marketing team about the project // Homework: Research and generate ideas, make many thumbnails and a mood board //
Write and post: Share your work and any insights or questions. //
3/23, R
In Class: Review work to date. //
Homework: Come with progress to show on Tuesday

3/28, T In class: Visit and demo from illustrator Rebecca Jabs.
Post: Images for Work-in-Process critique
Post: 3-5 questions you have about your work so far.
3/30, RIn Class: In-process Critique //
Homework: Keep working. Consider points raised in critique. Draft a short statement that might accompany your work on social media (50-100 words). Consider discussing your inspiration for the image and/or what you understand the work of the farmers market to be.

4/4, T – No class – Advising
4/6, RIn class: Work day
Build: Mock-ups of piece for critique.
Write and post to class site: Your finished illustration (under 1 MB for our site please), your mock-ups, and a short statement discussing your work on the project.

4/11, TIn class: CRITIQUE //
Post to our google drive folder: 2-3 jpegs (scaled at 1080 x 1080 px) for the farmers market team to use on social media, label all files with your last name at the beginning (e.g. Skywalker_market-illustration_v8).
Email: Reflective writing on your work to Professor Ries. This is in lieu of a standardized rubric. In this writing, please discuss what you learned from this project, any joys and/or points of friction in the work, and what you might do next with this experience. //