A 2 x 3 grid of square sketches with watercolor. The content of the sketches loosely relates to nature and technology, for example an ax and a smart phone.
Make sure you've got these things and can use this stuff!

Please read the list below and make sure you have and know how to use everything listed here. Let me know if you have concerns about this technology, you have questions, or you do not remember how to do something with any of it.

  • Access to a computer with a camera and microphone and a quiet spot with good bandwidth. We will need this for our zoom meetings.
  • Working knowledge of the following platforms and software:
    • Slack – our back channel site for sharing ideas and work-in-progress; you will receive an invitation to join our team
    • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) – Particularly Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign; Illustrator is not required but will be helpful. Photoshop will be necessary for importing and editing scanned images. InDesign is especially useful for placing finished illustrations in size-specific contexts, like web banners or mock-up page spreads. Please contact me if you are concerned about the cost of the CC subscription and we can talk about work-arounds.
  • Gmail and Google Drive – You should be able to send images electronically through both
  • A flatbed scanner – Available in the BAC computer lab (BAC 220), BAC student lounge (BAC 250) or approximated via an app on your phone.
  • USB Drive or external hard drive – For backing up your work, which, of course, you ALWAYS do, right?
  • Analog tools as you decide. I like to draw by hand and then edit my drawings digitally. The methods you choose are up to you and you are responsible for sourcing those materials.

These are platforms and sites we will introduce in class; you will be expected to use them regularly as well.

  • Skillshare.com – A premium subscription is part of our required materials; you will be assigned specific tutorials to watch. (Use skillshare’s link to refer a friend (in this class) and get a discount when they sign up!)
  • knight.domains – Domain space provided for SNC students; we will use this to host the outward-facing (i.e. public) facet of our class work
    • You can get additional help with your domain space at the Tech Bar on campus; schedule an appointment online for an in-person session