An image of a mural painted by artist Shelby Rodeffer. The mural is pink, green, tan, black, and white and includes the motto of St. Norbert College: to teach by word and example.

Our mission in this class is to hone our skills and use illustration to do good work.

Respecting the dignity of all people is one of the Core Values of St. Norbert College. To that end, it will be the expectation of all participants in this class to conduct themselves in such a way as to not embarrass, harass, or degrade one another. Further, let us seek to affirm one another and encourage what is good in each other. The classroom, online or in person, is a safe space where all voices are valued, all experiences can enrich the conversation, and all questions are honored as sincere attempts to deepen awareness and understanding. Behavior that seeks to silence or ridicule the full and active participation of anyone in the classroom will not be tolerated.

Please contact me at any time for further clarification of either the College Mission Statement or the my interpretation of the St. Norbert College Mission Statement.