For this assignment, I created some starting images for a comic book about three female superheroes. As a lover of geek culture, I would love to see women represented more often and in more empowering ways. For this project, I wanted to make sure a few criteria were met. I wanted the women portrayed to be diverse in race and body type. I wanted their outfits to be functional and cute; something that most women would be comfortable working out in. Finally, I wanted to stray away from the sexualized body distortion that often happens when a female character is being active. I referenced images of real athletes to make sure that the heroes looked like real badass women doing real badass things.

Deciding I wanted to incorporate real mens’ sexism into the work, I went to Facebook for inspiration on sexist comments for the women to physically break apart. I asked my friends and family for instances of sexism in their lives. They didn’t disappoint! I thought it would be cool if the speech bubbles were breaking apart, so I referenced breaking glass to create the effect I wanted.

Overall, I think this piece is one of my most successful in the class. I had a lot of fun with the concept and would love to take it further in the future.