An image of a man in a blue suit from behind standing in front of a mass of clouds receding from him.


As we wrap up the semester, I’d like you all to use this project to do two things: 1) to create a piece that lets you make the work you’d like to make and 2) to assemble your illustration portfolio as a page (and downloadable PDF if you’d like) on your website. In 2019, students from this class hear from artist and illustrator Sam Smith who said something to the effect that, “Your portfolio should be about getting the work you want to do in front of the people who can hire you to do it.” With that sentiment in mind, your final project should be aligned with your dream job. What would you love to be hired to illustrate? For whom?

Final drafts of the illustration will be due at the end of the semester. Final portfolios should be assembled in time for our exam meeting.


  • We will again discuss and define these in class (they will be posted to our class site)

What You’ll Create

  • A single specific illustration for an imagined job and context of your choosing
  • A mockup or other image showing the illustration in context
  • A portfolio page (on your website) including all of our illustration pieces with brief descriptions of the problem posed (i.e. what the assignment asked you to do) and how you arrived at your solution
  • A thoughtful final post about the project (including a link to your portfolio page) posted to our class site discussing your process (with supporting images), categorized as “final work” and “final project”


4/20, T – Make a “project brief” post defining the parameters and client for your final illustration. This brief should be detailed enough that anyone else could take this information and create work from it. For example, it should specify dimensions and intended context. // Share reference images or inspiration as is appropriate to your project. // Begin work.
4/22, R – If you haven’t already, make suggested edits to your bio on our class site. // Post rough sketches of your proposed work to slack. // Continue to work over the weekend so you’ll have an update to share on Tuesday.

4/27, T – Give us a written update of where you are with the project and what you need to do next. // Post any work to date if you’d like feedback on it.
4/29, R – IN CLASS MEETING to critique work // Prior to class give feedback to your classmates’ work.

5/4, T – Brief in-person check-in. // Keep working. Rest when you can. Let the work be good enough.
5/6, R – Start writing for final post due May 9th // Post final version of illustration to slack for feedback

Exam (Critique) Meeting – Monday, May 10th, 2:15 – 4:15 PM, location to be agreed upon in class