As an artist, most of the time I like to use pencil on paper to create my illustrating and sometimes I will add black link to outline the details of the painting. I finally has this opportunity to get in touch with illustrations because I could us my drawing skills to create work and using Adobe illustrator to create different kind of style of the illustrations. To create a illustrations is communicate a message and to telling people what I think would be best and people share their opinion to make me recreated a better work. For now, I want to go with drawing and painting for my illustrating it just because drawing is what I really like to do for life. I don’t really know what is my style of drawing but I definitely like the style are simple and really easy to tell.
For my future plan, I am going to create illustrations. I am constantly inspired everything around me but I never have the chance to take a slow and look at it. I could have so much ideas to draw but just don’t limit myself. To improve my creation of the illustrations, I need daily practice because I will be skillful as long as I practice enough. Therefore, I am looking forward to my future results.