Defining myself as an illustrator is something that I still haven’t always felt fully committed to in a sense. I feel that I have had a hard time coming to terms with exactly who I am or what I encompass as an artist. I always knew that drawing is something that I enjoyed and had talent in but I wasn’t sure that that gave me much room to play around in the real world. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I began to feel more secure in my title as an illustrator. I have found myself gravitating towards designing illustrations aimed at brands, fashion-style pieces, and posters.

In this post I chose to showcase a self-portrait that I created and a book cover for The Three Little Pigs. I’s realized a lot of my techniques as a designer in these short weeks of working on these assignments. First things first is that I am way too critical on myself (something that I need to work on balancing out). I also feel that I am drawn to mellowed out colors and texture or colored contrast that creates detail. These techniques are ones that I carry on throughout majority of my artwork and hope to continue to learn more as I go.

As I continue in my career, I want to improve on adding more mediums into my work. As I stated prior, I have always loved drawing and usually tend to stick with a fine tip pen or a sharpie. I have challenged myself more recently to start on paper and scan into illustrator to create more texture and depth. I would like to expand my love for small detail more into the realm of printmaking and see what I can do with that combining both printmaking and watercolor.