This project was so exciting for me to create! I worked primarily on Procreate on my iPad to design these illustrations. I made one main illustration that could be used in many ways such as on a poster, t-shirt, crewneck, hat, etc. I decided later that I also wanted to make a fun sticker based on one of the quotes the Saturday Farmers Market gave us, “Oh, Kale Yeah!”. I created mockups in Photoshop to show what the sticker would look like on a water bottle and what the main illustration would look like on a crewneck. Overall, I love how everything turned out and this was a really fun project to work on!

Artist Statement:
I love going to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Green Bay and I wanted to include in my illustration many of the best things that the Farmer’s Market has to offer. There are so many different fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Strolling through the farmer’s market, you will find many people with a cup of coffee or a boba tea in hand. Many stands have beautiful bouquets of flowers, and I can never resist bringing one home with me, so I filled this illustration with greenery and florals.