I enjoyed this project because the farmers market is something that I go to with my mom and occasionally my dad, sister, and the dog. It was a different experience to have people outside of the campus come and talk over a brief. At times it was overwhelming, but I think it was a great experience. I enjoyed the start of this project, but as we kept going I was less enthused about what I was creating. Things just were not working as I expected so it discouraged my design. But I had to see it through and I am happy with the final result. What I might do next is work more with traditional materials to give it more of a handmade feel. It was also good to sit in a briefing to think about what questions you need to ask to get the most for your design.


Get outside to enjoy the nice weather while shopping for locally grown and hand-made goods at the Saturday Farmers Market. In my illustration, the red wagon serves as the cornucopia where the viewer sees an array of products sold at the market. The energy you will experience at the market is reflected in the vibrant colors of this artwork. The market has much to offer, from fresh produce to artisanal bread to a cup of coffee, everything to start your weekend right at the Saturday Farmers Market.