My vision for this project was to create charming frog patterns. I’m really fond of the designs I created, but the process was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. 

I’m not super comfortable in illustrator, so I wanted to see if I could figure out how to create patterns directly within procreate, as that’s the program I’m most comfortable with. The first couple of attempts of this were pretty unsuccessful. This was my original tile:

I tried using the symmetry tool to achieve the same effect that was shown in the skillshare, but this did not work until I used four-way symmetry to create a mandala effect. While I still like this as a tile, it was not very strong when repeated out, so I scrapped it.

Next, I tried the process of creating a tile by hand and found more success in this. While the tile did not line up perfectly on paper when repeated out, I was able to take a picture of it and put it into Procreate to make the slight adjustments needed to make the elements line up. From there all I had to do was line it and color it, and my first pattern was done!

For my supporting patterns, I tried a different approach. I created a square canvas and turned on the 2-D drawing guide. I made an outline of a smaller square on a base layer and began to cut and paste the elements I wanted to use from my hero pattern. From here I was able to arrange them to overlap the edges of the smaller square I created. I then used the lasso tool to move the overlapping objects to the opposite side of the canvas, using the drawing guide for measurement. From there I had to adjust the edges slightly to make sure they lined up when repeated. 

I’m really glad I was able to figure out a process that works for me. I feel a lot of pride looking at these patterns because making them was a bit of a struggle.

The way I envision these products is as a phone set. The hero pattern would be the phone case, the tadpole supporting pattern would be a downloadable wallpaper, and the pansy floral pattern would be a popsocket. Unfortunately while making the mockups I was unable to find a free popsocket mockup, but I did think the pansy pattern would look nice on a pillow as well, so I made a mockup of that instead.

Here is my advertising copy with the mockups. I envision it being an Instagram or Facebook ad:

Need to please an amphibian lover in your life? Check out this phone set, sure to brighten anyone’s mood as they hop through their day!
The Totally Tadpole wallpaper will be free to download with the purchase of our Froggie Phone package. This includes our Hop To It! phone case and the Perfectly Pansies Popsocket.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this project. I think my pieces are strong patterns that I myself would want on a phone case or t-shirt.