Mood Board for Surface Design Project

To start this project I created a mood board. I included 3 of my own drawings as inspiration but also drew inspiration from different types of mushrooms as well as colors that Laurel Burch used in her designs. I also included Memphis style pattern in my mood board because I liked the simplicity as well as a pattern called “Japanese Aesthetic Pattern Art Print” because I liked the flow. Ultimately I didn’t use elements from these two patterns with in my patterns because I felt there was no need. At first I felt that my theme wasn’t cohesive but after I put all of my elements together I felt better about the direction I was going.

Mushroom Sketches
Random Sketches

To start I sketched out the imagery I wanted to include in my pattern then I took pictures of my sketches and dragged them into Illustrator to retrace. After they were were traced I imported them into Photoshop and colored them in. After this I brought them back into Illustrator to build my patterns.

Hero Pattern Swatch
Supporting Pattern Swatch

After I had my patterns set I looked for mock-ups to apply my pattern to. I decided to put my patterns on a bedspread, socks, and a phone case. (After doing the patterns and putting them onto a mock-up – I STRONGLY suggest that you build your pattern in Illustrator on the Art Board size of the mock-up)

Phone Cases
Comforter and Pillow Case Set
Hero Pattern Socks
Supporting Pattern Socks

My intended audience is anyone ranging in age from 16-30 who like bright colors and busy patterns with a psychedelic twist.