Taylor Swift Vector Illustration

This class taught me a lot about myself as an artist. Most importantly, I learned that I can push myself to experiment with new media and techniques. Before this class, I didn’t do much digital illustration; I focused mostly on drawing and painting traditionally. With each project, I strived to incorporate something new that I have never done before. I fell in love with using Illustrator and Procreate. I put so much effort into every project, making edits after every critique. I was even able to develop a quicker pace as an artist.

My favorite projects were surface design and working with the farmers market. With surface design, I loved creating a pattern and being able to see it on mock ups. Before this class, I had no idea how to create my own pattern or that I could easily create mockups to see my pattern on real-life objects. Working with the farmers market was an amazing opportunity to work with a real client. It gave me so much motivation to know that the community would be viewing my work. That illustration in particular was also a breakthrough for me as an artist because I realized that I don’t always need to work in a lot of detail to create work that I am proud of.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I want to continue creating illustrations. I want to keep developing my skills drawing digitally on Procreate and Illustrator. I can see my self creating lots of surface designs in the future and maybe even printing some on fabrics. If the opportunity came up, I would love to work with another client again like the farmers market. I am proud of the work I was able to create in this class and I am very excited to see where illustration takes me in the future.