I am still learning and growing as an illustrator. The work I am drawn to is, in many ways, different from the work that I produce. I typically make work that leans towards whimsy and prettiness, but I’ve found that I really love work that gets grimy and a little creepy. In the future, I want to lean into that creepiness a little more and explore what it is that I am drawn to there.

This image in the style of Gris Grimly definitely helped me to embrace the darkness that I love while still maintaining a little fantasy and whimsy. I am pretty happy with the result, as well, although in the future I would create it on a firmer piece of paper because this one crumpled a little under the amount of water that I used. I am excited to work in a darker and dirtier style in some pieces in the future without completely disposing of the pastel colors and fairy tale fancifulness that I usually like in my work.