Mock Three Little Pigs cover by Emma May

Starting off this class I was a little unnerved as my experience with illustrating has generally been digital or miniature sketches on the sides of my notebooks. However working through these last few weeks I learned how to use gouache, a medium I might not have heard of otherwise. I also went through multiple steps to create an illustrated book cover while thoroughly enjoying every moment of each project.

As an illustrator, I am detail orientated and tend to incorporate a wide use of geometric and organic forms. Usually my focus is centered around creating exact replicas of photographs or sketches I have already created. This focus tends to make projects take longer than I expect them to. Before, I used to prefer to only work with my mouse, now I am working towards learning how to use a drawing pad. Moving forward with the use of the drawing pad I want to create more minimal and abstracted illustrations that become almost textures. By doing this I hope to create illustrations that not only work with my new aesthetic, but also allow me to create more in the long run.