This project prompted us to create our own set of related patterns that could be placed into context as a surface design. I chose to make a Pacific-Northwest-inspired collection of two patterns. My “hero” pattern (Portland, Oregon) exhibits signature landmarks of the city, including St. Johns Bridge, Mt. Saint Helen, Powell’s bookstore, and the white stag sign adorned by conifer trees and cloudy skies. My supporting pattern, Rocky Peaks was meant to complement the mountains in the hero pattern. Each swatch is designed for any proud Portlander or wanderlust hipster.

My first time navigating through surface design has been as frustrating as it has been eye-opening. Because I am still getting comfortable with illustrator and photoshop, I experienced my fair share of technique-hiccups along the way. On the other hand, learning the pattern-creation process has opened a world of opportunities in terms of artistic endeavors, in addition to satisfaction in the mock-up process and its promise of real-life products featuring my designs. Despite the pain of the process, this assignment was a fantastic introduction to the world of pattern design and makes me very excited for further experimentation.