Going into this project, I was super excited to get started. I have always had an interest in abstract patterns, so knowing I was going to create some of my own only increased my eagerness and optimism. Creating the first pattern (the lips and eyeballs) was a struggle for me because I was difficulty finding a sense of movement. Eventually I found my way and created two more right afterwards. I had a lot of fun creating these and I am now interested in looking into the career field of surface design.

When I created my mood board, I was envisioning a pattern that was fun and bold but I also had an idea of bold and sophisticated. I like both elements in a pattern but finding the right feel of the work in one pattern was difficult. The patterns I ended up creating were similar to my mood board but also slightly different.

Originally, I wanted my patterns to be geared towards what I imagine myself as a future homeowner/adult with financial freedom. I looked to create something that I found intriguing and appealing enough to buy for my home. But after constructing the patterns, I realized that these patterns would be nice for other products and items as well, like a vinyl cover, canvas decor, and electronic wallpapers.

Overall, I absolutely loved this project. I learned a lot about surface designing, patterns, and creating a pattern. Before I never considered all of the elements that go into creating a pattern and I now have a sense of appreciation for patterns. I will most definitely keep creating patterns and designs in the future, it is something I truly enjoy.