I started all three of my patterns by drawing my elements first then scanning them into Adobe Illustrator. In there, I placed my elements on a 10″ x 10″ square. In my opinion, this step was the most interesting because it made me think about how the placement of each element would create a certain movement when the pattern was repeated. Once my elements were all placed where I wanted them, I went ahead and colored them in. I did have a color palette in mind ahead of time, one color I thought I wanted in my pattern was red. However, I ended up preferring softer colors, like light pink and green, once I saw how the elements worked with each other when they were arranged.

I placed my patterns in a blank stationary collection because I originally wanted to make a pattern for stationary design. I found this stationary template in Adobe Stock Images.

I used Adobe Photoshop to overlay my patterns in my desired style. I followed this helpful tutorial called Mastering Mockups on SkillShare: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Mastering-Mockups/2034678428/project-guide

In this collection there are three patterns, my first is the “show stopper” or the “hero” pattern. You can find this pattern on the notebook in the stationary collection.

My second pattern is a supporting pattern. You can see this pattern on the back of the two business cards and the bottom trim of the paper on the stationary collection image. Because this is my supporting pattern I wanted to make sure it could still stand on it’s own but add a different perspective on the elements I drew than my hero pattern does to the collection. With less elements and more space in between elements, it is the perfect pattern that can give a business card a sophisticated yet personable feel to it.

My third pattern is a blender print. I used this pattern on the back of the notepad and the trim of the envelope on the stationary collection image. I created these marks with a paint brush and black ink. I later scanned the result onto Adobe Illustrator and colored them blue.

This pattern collection is the pop of color you need in your stationary supplies. It is perfect for planners, pens or notepads, giving them a personalized feel. This spring themed pattern has bright colors with a variety of abstract strokes and detailed elements like roses and bees. My intended audience are women in their early 20’s through their mid 30’s, from college ladies to women who have full time careers.