For this final project, the task was to create any work that we wanted to put into our portfolio. The goal was for us to be the art director and create any layout that we imagined. My my particular project, I chose to create an interior design inspired surface design project that would be the newest launch of Magnolia in Target. The objective consisted of creating three 5×5 patterns that were different yet cohesive and mockups that went with them. To begin this project I started by creating a mood board for inspiration and then sketching out some ideas for the patterns.

One I began sketching out some ideas I got right to the drawing board. I knew that I wanted to play around with both geometric and floral designs.

I also started integrating colors. Because this was meant to be a new launch for the brand Magnolia, I wanted pops of color and a Spring feel to make the brand stand out.

For the final mock ups, I ended up going with a shower curtain, a stationary set, and a pillow. I chose these because they are the typical products that Magnolia sells but also because they are standard everyday products that my target audience of women in their 20-30’s buy. I found overall that this project was challenging for me to come up with a cohesive set of patterns that could be used as a launch. However, it also made me realize my love for surface design and the desire that I have to continue it into the future.