For my illustration class, I am creating a surface design for this project. I am really into designing and draw the patterns every time I found some cool patterns on the internet or other designer’s work. I create a different kind of design and sketch of the mood board and thinking which one will be the best to present on final work. The patterns that appeal to me is more linear and more delicate. I am also attracted to the patterns are very simple, which are a single object and there is many of them in the piece with a single color on the background.

For my surface design, I want to show my design on people’s daily life. I believe even though the design is very attractive to me, after having that produce for a long time I won’t pay too much attention to it, therefore my final works are to presening an everyday object so it can be displayed for a long time.

Missing Mates

For the final work, I decided above all socks and gloves for my creation. I used Adobe Illustration to created my surface design because I wanted my patterns to look more graphics. I am happy with how it turned out, details on gloves put forward that it comes from a meticulous work. I like the theme of disorder in those works. Nothing really follow the same direction. This is a very interesting project for me to create and I would love to continue making the surface design with a different style because I could apply on different kind of object.