Emma May's Cross Feather Mock-Up

For this project we were tasked with creating repeating surface patterns, and then mock them up on realistic products. I wanted to focus on geometric patterns that have an organic feel, while incorporating birds, which are important to me. To do so, I started off with creating a mood board and then sketching out ideas. Once I was satisfied with two sketched patterns, I scanned and brought them into Illustrator.

In Illustrator, I drew all the textural patterns with my drawing pad and then masked them off to create the shapes that I wanted. The most challenging part was creating the pattern in way that it would repeat; I solved this problem by rearranging elements to fit on a better scale. After all the feedback I received, I reworked colors and textural elements to arrive at the patterns I have created.

Emma May's Cross Feather Hero Pattern for Illustration
Cross Feather Pattern
Emma May's Blue Bird Chevron Pattern for Illustration
Blue Bird Chevron

After I finished my patterns, I saved them both as JPEGs and PNGs to enable me to use them separately in posts and in mock-ups.

Emma May's Cross Feather Mock-Up
Cross Feather Mock-Up (From Featured Image)
Emma May's Blue Bird Chevron Mock-Up
Blue Bird Chevron Mock-Up

Cross Feather and Blue Bird Chevron are modernized arrangements of geometric and hand drawn elements. They would be good on products such as paper and coffee products, phone cases, or even a pattern for a blanket. They are perfect for avid bird lovers, or men and women who like a more modern edge in a pattern.