I was assigned to create a primary and secondary illustration to go along with an article called “A Designer’s Code of Ethics” by Mike Montiero. After being assigned the article to read, I read it many more times in order to generate illustration ideas. While reading this article over and over, I began to sketch illustrations on paper. There were many things in this article that stood out to me and I created many different sketches but there were two main things that really stood out: “A designers’ work can either hurt or help the community” and “A designer believes that value is more important than form”. I decided to use these two quotes for my illustrations so I’ve only included the sketches for these two quotes. Below you can see the progress of my work from the first sketches to my final work based on the feedback I have gotten. I had to play around with colors to make sure that nothing blended into the background. The final illustrations were created using my Ipad.