I created these editorial illustrations for the article by Mike Monteiro, “A Designer’s Code of Ethics”. After reading the article I tried to think of a primary and secondary illustration that would highlight certain points in the article. Since there was a section talking about how an artist values impact over form, I decided to portray that idea with a seesaw that had a small clump with the word “form” on it and a much bigger clump with the word “IMPACT” on it. I think this illustration is effective in portraying this idea and someone without having read the article could probably interpret it as such. For my secondary illustration I decided to illustrate the idea that was talked about in the article about how a broken gun is better designed than a working gun. For this illustration I decided to go a more humorous route by illustrating a broken gun walking down a fashion runway implying that it has a good design. I also think this illustration is effective in getting the idea across.

For my process I drew the concepts that I thought of in my sketchbook then I took pictures of them and traced them with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and filled the drawing in with color. For the seesaw one I wrote out the words and scanned them, then I dropped them into the illustration using Adobe Photoshop. Overall I am pleased with the way they turned out.

Primary Illustration:

Secondary Illustration:

Editorial Illustrations in context: