For this editorial design we read a Buzzfeed article about the burnout generation. Our goal was to create an image that was able to catch the readers eye and hint at what the article was talking about.

When brainstorming for this image I wanted to create a very simple drawing that caught the viewers eye. I knew I desired to create a simple and bright article to follow my style and yet be interesting to look at.  After some quick sketches, I then created two figures with spiral eyes to appear to be in a trance and not mentally present.  I felt it was a good way to represent how millennials are becoming burnt out and even how doing the simple tasks of everyday life is seen as a big feat.   I also included the floating spiraling list in the background to show the idea of being constantly surrounded by things to do in a never-ending list.  In my first draft, I used a more pastel palette for the figures, in critique it was suggested that I use more bright colors. The bright color palette for the figures gave the illustration a young and vibrant feel.

First Draft
Final Draft

At first, I tried to include several elements, but after having trouble working with the colors and composition I decided to only include the list and figures.  I think this made the piece much stronger by having less clutter to distract the viewers eye.

These are some of the other sketches that could be used throughout the rest of the article.

After completing this project, it really showed how fast editorial illustrators need to work to get jobs done and the constant brainstorming and sketching that is required to come up with solid ideas.