Mikaela Benitez, self-portrait, 2023, 10″ x 10″, Digital

I believe that this illustration represents me as an artist because this is the style that I am currently working with and enjoy experimenting with. I primarily use Adobe Illustrator for my work and this is one that I experimented with a lot when it was assigned. This is one of my favorite pieces from this first part of the course because it is at a level that I am happy with right now but there is always a chance to keep working on it.
Coming into this class I believed that most illustrations were just art in comic books or used in books to help explain something. I now know that it is more than that. Illustration is a broad part of the art world that makes it difficult to define what is and what isn’t. I plan to keep creating illustrations that bring me joy when I complete them. I love to feel that accomplishment within myself of finishing a piece and being satisfied with how it came out. But what is best is when I want to keep going because it’s like adrenaline. I am an illustrator that will work to get something done, and that will push me to create better.
I am an illustrator who loves to try new mediums and styles. I love the thrill of trying something new even if it is a challenge. I believe that the direction I am heading in is to keep experimenting with different techniques. My ultimate goal is to design intriguing drink container designs. From designing the outer design of soda cans to brewery cans to wine bottles. I can start by sharing my art, outside of my family and friends, online so that I can create my digital identity so that my goal can be closer to reality.