In our last project we had complete freedom to complete an illustration of our liking. Going into this project I was unsure as to what I wanted to do thus took my time to devise a solution. I have a fond love for music and the merchandise that goes with it, and decide I would follow my interests and create a poster for an artist or group I like. I began sketching for the artist Ty Segall, but the sketches were not going as well as I liked and began losing interest in continuing the design.

I then began listening to different music, and found myself looking at the album artwork for Parquet Courts new album WIDE AWAKE. I found that the general simplicity and motion occuring in it was aligning with some of my other current works. This simple poster was inspired by some of Sam Smith’s posters who we had talked to as a class previously in the semester.

Listening to the album, I found that the instrumental melodies emoted a sense of an environment that is laid back and easy going but the lyrics and vocal tones projected a sense of unease as they address much of the turmoil and issues occurring in our society today.

The image came pretty quick during the sketching process it was designed to be a one color print on different pastel colored paper, hinting at the color pallet of the album color. The final image took more time and consideration to the linework and image itself. Once the image was made I scanned it in and adjusted little mistakes in the image and added the text. In beginning this project I had plans to also make a sticker to compliment the poster. I scrapped that idea and decided to make a limited watercolor screen print instead. I thought it would further push my printmaking experience/knowledge and would be more beneficial to my learning experience then making a sticker.

This was a very exciting and fun process for me.It was pleasant to end this year with an illustration that I was able to screen print for a band I very much enjoy. It was a real treat to be able to combine my passion for both the visual arts and music.