With this surface design project, my main goal was to create a pattern with a subject matter that interests me. I strive to create work that fulfills me and sparks my creativity. Upon completing this project and enjoying the various steps of the process I have learned that this is something I plan to incorporate more into my work, finding and creating the joy in a project. 

Mood Board
Sub Pattern
Hero Pattern

The process of creating the patterns began with initial ideas about the elements of the pattern. From this, I then created a mood board to find images online that had a similar vibe. I have been heavily influenced by music and Lana Del Rey’s aesthetic was also a big inspiration behind the images within the mood board. I really enjoy creating mood boards and gathering images with similar feelings and arranging them in a cohesive collage. After this, I drew the rest of the elements that completed my patterns. My intention behind this piece was to create a moody, edgy, and feminine vibe with these patterns. The colors used to help create this are deep red, black, dark green, and cream. I believe this color palette cultivates my intended vibe because these colors can be interpreted in such ways.

Beverage Mockup

While creating the mockups it was my intention to use imagery that felt like it was cohesive with the general message and feel of the patterns. This was my first time creating a mock-up with my designs and I thought this process was very neat seeing my work on actual products.

Phone Case Mockup
Skateboard Mockup

Ad Copy
Fun and edgy patterns to spice up your wardrobe and favorite objects!