This project is largely inspired by the work of Aaron Renier. Listening to him talk about his condensed graphic style and flyers for the local bookstore made me want to create one promoting local businesses in my hometown–the hometown I’m moving home to post-graduation. Although I had a relatively clear vision for this project, I went through a LOT of iterations to get it to a satisfactory resolution. I originally wanted to do skate-style characters, bulging eyes, flapping tongues–lots of membranes, but was easily persuaded by Katie to try to “button up” for this project and make something more appealing to the masses. I decided then to try animals which was…interesting. I drew a dog in a hoodie and felt like I was drawing furry propaganda which is absolutely n o t my brand. From there, I hit a wall trying monsters, vaguely animal-esque creatures, and even amorphous blobs only to finally “put a bird on it”. Each bird is engaging with or representing a local business that partners with my family’s coffee shop, Uptown Coffee Company. I intended this to be a project that would be commissioned by the likes of the Main Street Committee or the Community Center. I am happy with how this illustration turned out and feel that it pushed my boundaries in a new direction, allowing me to stretch and grow my style to be inclusive of more people!