Four our final project of the semester, we were able to choose what kind of illustration we wanted to create. I decided to return to something we did towards the building and make a book cover. I expanded on the last piece by making the full outer cover instead of just the front as we had done for the previous assignment of “The Three Little Pigs.”

The cover I chose to make corresponds with an idea for a book that i’ve had for a while. While I might not get around to writing or finishing it, for awhile, I thought the cover idea I did have would make a great piece to add to my portfolio. The idea for the story was that the main character never feels like she never quite fit and stumbles upon a forgotten museum. Being drawn to the relics housed inside, she found herself shifting through them till a particular sword caught her eye. Eventually it would draw her further and further from town, further then she had ever previously traveled (which in and of itself is more than most,) where finally breaking though the veil that surrounded the city revealed how large the world actually was, how much the city had forgotten, and the beasts the roamed the land.

I’ve always been drawn to fantasy. Creating these magical worlds, and even more so the creatures and beings that inhabit them, is what I hope to continue doing. That’s why think this is the perfect piece to finish up a semester of illustration.

Hearing the thoughts of others through the stages really helped me push this piece. I started out with four basic sketches for what I wanted for the cover illustration and combined what I liked from those into one. It was brought to my attention, though, that some of the original concepts had a better flow, or movement, to them in comparison. Based on that, could further work on what I hat to include some of those concepts as well.

To also help bring thing together, I’ve created a few mock-ups using the book jacket. They really bring a piece together in my opinion as it really does help to visualize what it could like like as an actual product.