From taking this illustration class this past semester, I have learned to make work that inspires you. Even if the prompt or the idea of it is not exciting, find a way to spin the project to include a subject or medium that sparks some creativity and joy for creating the work. I have found that once the project no longer feels like a chore or another daunting task, it gets so much easier. The want to be creative and put in the effort is now there. This mindset is something that I plan to take with me as an artist and be conscious of while I am continuing to create. Since I am graduating, I won’t have these projects anymore but the desire to make art will still be there and I think incorporating this idea of making the art you want to make is really important. So as an artist, I learned that for me to make good work and feel good while creating it I need to feel passionate about it.

This is an example of an illustration I did on my iPad that I was excited to do. I created this loop illustration to be representative of how the hours seem to fly past while you are in the creative working zone. It was my goal to represent this idea through the depth and repetition in this work.

After completing this class I found out that I enjoyed illustration much more than I originally anticipated. So in the future, I plan on continuing to create various illustrations. I did a lot of work this past semester on my iPad and found it was a super convenient medium since it is so portable yet has the capability to make complex work, and I found it really fun to experiment with this medium. This is something that I plan to continue to do. With one of my previous illustrations in the class with the martini glass, I would like to revisit that and turn it into a series. Either continuing old projects or starting new ones that bring me joy is what I plan to do next with an illustration.