After reading the article for this project, I immediately went back to it and jotted down key terms or ideas that stood out to me. These included “planet (designer’s impact on it),” “diversity,” “a designer seeks to build the community,” and “rising tide affects all boats.” I sketched once, twice, and a couple more times then brought it over to my iPad. Below you can see my work in progress as I gained feedback throughout the project. For the primary image, I focused on the main idea of the article and made sure to include the earth along with some humans making their creative impact on it. For the secondary image, I focused on the quote “rising tide affects all boats” and imagined my image for it would be placed by this quote in the article. I incorporated creativity with boats and thought this might be what an artist’s/designer’s boat would look like. I enjoyed dissecting the article to find what I could bring to life in an illustration and wouldn’t mind doing another project like this in the future.

Work In Progress