For my final project, I wanted to create a sticker sheet that consisted of at least 4 different characters that related to a theme but still have each character be able to stand-alone.  I went with the theme of personified hip-hop dogs.  With the four dog characters I created, I also added the small supporting stickers that were gold platted dog bones to go along with the theme title “Dawgs”. Through this process I sketched the dogs by hand and then went through the process of colorizing. For the coloring and fine details I used the program Adobe Draw on my Ipad and then sent it to my computer for Adobe Illustrator. This process allowed me to make quick and simple edits and create the final touches and details.

Below are my process images.

Another part of this project for me, was to create an actual product that I would physically have and sell! In order to make this possible I needed to have the design finished quickly, so I could allow time for production and shipping. I spent about a week on the inital sketches and then about three days on the fine tuning and detail.

Final Draft
The Final Product Printed

 I had the sticker sheet printed at 8”x 5” through a company called Stickermule and I am super happy how they turned out! They are fun, silly, and bright and are a great quaility sticker!

To see all of the finished projects from this Illustration class go check out my portfolio on my website!

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