After reading over “A Designer’s Code of Ethics” by Mike Monteiro I jotted down a few notes of things that stood out to me from the text in my sketchbook and did some thumbnail sketches to illustrate those words. I wanted to use the ideas of the “fabric of society” and “moving your ethical goal posts” for my two illustrations and include an aspect showing diversity, the hard part was figuring out how to turn those words into pictures.

This is how my primary illustration evolved from the initial thumbnail sketches to the final drawing before I added color. Feedback helped me refine my drawing and take out the elements that were unnecessary or that would not be clear to a large audience.

I had an even more difficult time deciding how to show the moving of ethical goal posts. I started with football goal posts in mind, but swapped that out for soccer net goal posts because I thought soccer would be more universal than American football. Again, feedback helped me create an image that more clearly illustrated the idea and remove things that were not vital to the understanding of the image. Below are the sketches that show how my secondary illustration evolved.

I started analogue with both of my illustrations and used gouache washes to create color swatches and paint in details on the drawings before I scanned them. Then I scanned all the washes and drawings and used Photoshop and Illustrator to edit and piece together my final illustrations.

In Illustrator, I used the pen tool to create a line drawing of the illustrations and then place in the color washes in the appropriate places with compound paths and clipping masks.

Primary Illustration
Secondary Illustration

I made a few more minor changes and then placed my primary illustration into three mock ups to show it in context.

Final Primary Illustration
Final Secondary Illustration