For my final project I wanted to redesign the cover of the book “The Book Thief” because I didn’t (and still don’t) think the cover went with the story. The current cover is of dominoes lined with a finger in the process of knocking the first one over. I do now understand how the dominoes relate to the book but I think that is an answer for you to discover on your own.

Current Book Cover

My initial idea was to illustrate the scene where we first meet the main character and the last scene we see them.

Back Cover Initial Idea

However Professor Ries pointed out that the back cover idea could possibly give away the end of the book. I thought some more about what I could do for the illustrations for the book covers. I still wanted to do the scene where we first meet the main character (a train car) for the front cover and ultimately decided to do an illustration of the place the main character spends most of their time (a basement). I also decided to fog out the top and bottom of each illustration to allude to the recall of memories.

I then added the text to the front and back cover and decided to use yellow as the font color to stand out against the back ground as well as to allude to Jewish Badges that were worn during World War II by Jews.

Hard Book Cover Mockup
Soft Cover Book Mockup

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