For this project I started off by taking notes on the code of ethics written by Mike Monteiro to try to find the main points being made. Two of the biggest points I took away was “The work designers put into the world affects everyone” and “Designers are human-beings”. I sketched out my ideas for my primary illustration and my secondary illustration. For my secondary image I wanted to illustrate something that contained the same tone of voice as what I read.

In Process Primary Illustration

I decided to go with designers are human-beings concept and thought it would tongue and cheek if I included the writer of the article into my illustrations. I ultimately circled around to creating an illustration where half of the face was Mike Monteiro’s and the other half was a robot / cyborg version. I also wanted to include a line somewhere within the illustration that said “I am a fucking human”. After getting feedback I decided to get ride of the text and focus on creating a background that made the viewer prefer the human side over the robot side.

Final Primary Illustration

I added some wires sticking out of the robot side of the face and gave that half of the illustration a background of fire. While the other half of the illustration with Mike Monteiro’s face had a flowered background.

In-process Secondary Illustration

For my second illustration I decided to create a pool setting warning “Don’t shit in the pool”. Within Monteiro’s Code of Ethics he talks about all designers have to work professionally otherwise it effects others within that field. Mike made the analogy that pooping in a pool effects all other swimmers.

Final Secondary Illustration

My final secondary illustration includes 2 silhouetted figures having a blast in the pool that includes text that says “Don’t SHIT in the Pool”. I wanted the text to read almost as a florescent sign. I also muted the colors in the background because the feedback I was given talked about how the colors that were in the umbrella and bushes were too bright compared to the colors near and in the pool. I also re-positioned the words to fit better together.