Are you a child age 3-4 who loves cute patterns with animals? Are you a teenager 13 and up who loves cats and everything about them? Here are the patterns for you! These patterns are bright, fun, and eye-catching. Wear this pattern on a shirt, shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks, and more! Passersby will surely notice and wonder where this amazing pattern came from! Get yours now while supplies last! This is a one-time offer and time is running out. (terms and conditions apply. Must be 18 years or older to order so go grab a parent!).

To begin this project, I had to create a mood board to illustrate what direction I was heading towards. My idea was to do cats. I collected images that related to my idea to gain inspiration for my pattern. I even added a photo of my own cat’s feet in case I wanted part of my pattern to include paw prints. I created some swatches at the bottom of my mood board so that I could use colors in a similar hue.

The next step was to take my inspiration from my mood board and put it into a drawing. I did my drawings on a piece of paper, to begin with. After that, I transferred my drawing to a digital version so that I could start experimenting with colors. My original plan was to go with pastel colors so that my final design would be soft on the eye. After I experimented more and got feedback, I decided that pastels would not make the cut. That is when I decided that I had to find colors that would look good on both this design and mockups.

I came up with the following versions. I did multiple versions because having only one version did not sit right with me. Along with these versions, I used different colors on each to see how it would look if the colors were mixed and matched. I also created supporting patterns to help my main pattern pop.

The last step was to create a mockup. I decided to put my patterns on a baby onesie, a drawstring bag, nurses scrubs, and stationary. It really was a lot of fun to create these mockups and I am really happy with how it turned out.