Surround your world with fantasy, flora, and illusions with this illustrative new pattern! Thinking of getting a new tapestry? What about wallpaper? Maybe a tote bag is more your style. Whatever it may be, look no further! These whimsical patterns are finding their way to stores near you.

It was my hope for this project to create patterns using creatures and plants. I also drew some inspiration from some of my sketchuary work. I’m really happy with the results and may have a newfound love of pattern-making! I found the process to be both fun and relaxing.

Single black and white hero block.

I then played around with color with an expanded swatch of the hero pattern. The illusions of the pattern beginning to show.

Using elements from the hero pattern, I then went to create two supporting patterns. These both use a simplified pallet of two colors, a deep purple and a pinkish-orange, from the original palette.

This one is probably my favorite after the hero pattern. It’s super versatile and probably the most fun to make. Taking motifs from the hero and adding two floral designs. It took a lot of duplicating and arranging but it turned out really well especially with this color combo of light on dark.