For this project we had to create a repeating surface pattern, that could be mocked up and put onto realistic products.  My work is heavily focused on graffiti art, abstraction, color, and mark making.  So when brainstorming ideas on what I was going to do I created a mood board to gather all my ideas into one place.

The route I decided to take was based on some sketches and doodles that I make when I’m watching tv or just relaxing.  I came up with including some hidden faces, since I like having a hidden element included in the work I do.  My pattern became sort of a Where’s Waldo but in a graffiti, contemporary, urban style.

When working on my pattern, I took a picture of my sketch from my sketchbook on my iPad and used it to trace the elements that I liked.  I also could leave out the elements that didn’t quite work.  Once I had each element traced I sent it to Adobe Illustrator to duplicate the elements and arrange them in a way that I could make them repeat.  By using the video tutorials on Skill Share I was able to create my hero pattern and make it repeat seamlessly.

I had a lot of different secondary pattern ideas that all could have worked in some way or another, but when pairing them with objects like backpacks, it really made a difference on which one I used. This showed me how important mockups can really be.  If I didn’t have to include a realistic mockup, it would have been much easier to just pick a secondary pattern that “looked good” next to the hero pattern.

For creating the mockup I used Adobe Dimension. I stumbled across this application last year and it looked really interesting to me.  So when I had to create mockups of products I knew that it would be a great time to try this new application out.  After some trial and error and tutorials I was able to become comfortable using this program.  It was a lot of fun using this program because they have so many different options and choices.  I was able to change the material of products, create my own backdrop, and change the lighting on my products.  Having a nice presentation for my products really make my pattern design look even better!

This pattern is a fun colorful arrangement of shapes creating hidden faces and creatures throughout the pattern. It would be great for both boys and girls for a variety of age ranges for backpacks and other fun bags.

Going through this project It really showed how much I love product design and how to make designs look good on a product. It showed me the importance of presentation of how things might look in real life.  This awesome skill I now have will greatly help me when it comes to testing things out before they become a real product.  I also now have a greater understanding and respect for surface design and the vast possibilities it has to offer.