For a long time in my artistic career, I wasn’t exactly sure who I was. I didn’t know how to “title” myself. I just knew I liked drawing and painting, and that I was good at it. I’ve always had a love for comics, cartoons, and creating things with life and stories in them. Only recently have I found that “illustrator” is a title that I feel truly fits me. When I was younger, I would always draw or make comics of cartoon or video game characters that I loved. Now as an adult and more developed artist I’m creating my own content and pieces, but that was definitely a starting point of where I was headed. Featured in this post is a gouache self portrait, which I feel is a good representation of my work right now. I love creating self portraits, and this one shows off the colorful graphic style that is recognizable as my work.

While I’ve loved pretty much every art class I’ve taken through high school and college, this class is the one where I feel like the work we’re doing is work I’m passionate about. For every assignment, I’ve been excited and I feel like I’ve done great work. I hope to continue learning and refining my artistic skill, both by learning new skills in different mediums and continuing to refine my skills as an illustrator. I enjoy painting quite a bit, but another technique I’ve come to enjoy is printmaking. It’s something that elevates my skills as an illustrator into something much more special.

In the future I plan to explore my options in the world as an illustrator, printmaker, and painter. In this class alone, I’ve learned about so many different jobs that someone specifically like myself could pursue in the future, which is incredible as I’ve felt rather unsure as an artist in the past. I already feel confident as a young artist, and hope to learn so much more from my next two years at St. Norbert.