I am an illustrator, previously unbeknownst to myself. Now, if you’re reading this, beknownst to you and to me. The first unit of this course reminded me why I chose to go into art in the first place–I love to draw. I learned that I prefer to draw in black ink with a pen, but a nib is fun too. I worked with gouache, learning how to better work in color and spell a word with a seemingly impossible vowel:consonant ratio. I like illustration because it allows me to combine my love for drawing with my love for story-telling. Throughout this unit I found myself drawn to comic-style images with quippy one-liners. I also enjoyed more intimate pieces like the one in this post. Although it is less explicitly narrative, it tells a story of a moment. I am going to continue to explore queer woman-hood and life in this wild and rowdy world through illustration and hope to eventually make prints.