One’s work almost always is evolving, as we are constantly growing as artists, which makes it hard to fit into a certain category, especially starting out. I can say that I lean towards surrealism and realism and this piece is a good example of that. I take a lot of inspiration from the world around me but like to tie in a bit of imagination and or mythology. It’s something I have always done and hope to continue to do.

While i’ve worked mostly digital recently, so its been a nice change to be doing some pieces traditionally as well. I love exploring new things when it comes to art so it was nice to be able to do so for this course. I’ve never used gouache before which I have now come to love. I hope to continue experimenting with materials as well and have purchased some oil paint to try out. Getting into the habit of sketching each day has also been nice. It’s something I hope to continue to stick with.