Gouache Self Portrait – Wren Mason

I am an artist who works in multiple medias. I am experienced in gouache but still finds room for improvement. I identify my style and inspiration to be 60s’, 70’s, psychedelia and retro.I gravitate towards this style because of all the fun organic shapes and bright colors that in combination create a trippy effect. The image below was the second of two gouache self portraits that I did, I am much more proud of the outcome of this one. Before I struggled to paint myself with a smile and this was the first one that turned out, as for the background I honestly just drew a circle and some lines. For the colors in the background, I enjoy an emerald green along with that light purple/ lavender and added the contrasting dark purple to make it more interesting. Moving forward, she will work on new ways to add some of this style into her work. For example I could add some designs in the light purple with the dark purple color and vice versa with the dark purple.