After reading the article “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” In the beginning of the process, I came out with three different ideas of the cover design which are two sketches and photography work. For the first striking image, striking is presenting people now are being burnt out and stressed out. The second one with a cigarette I want to show a lot of people now are smoking cigarettes because of the stressed or feeling down and the world that we are living now there is no other way to change the pressure. For the last one with photography, I want to use paper to represent a person. Each of us created our life by ourselves, we have chosen either make it better or damage it. However, the paper is the best object to symbolize human because we can be created a successful piece or damage it.

In three ideas for the editorial project, I decided to use photography for my final piece. I changed the paper into a ripped piece of paper. The first image I tear off to the corner of the paper wasn’t strange enough so I adding more wrinkle on top of it and used photoshop to let shadow darker so it protruding the image stronger.

After getting feedback from the class and needed to create the piece are horizontal than vertical. I recreated my piece into three papers on the wall. I used three different way which is torn off and crepe paper, burn the paper and smashed with scissors to damage the papers. Moreover, using three different way to destroy the paper is to represent a person has a different kind of pressure in life. Therefore, when you look are the image, each paper represents a different way of feeling.

Overall this is my first time to create an editorial illustration, I happy with my final draft turn out and how successful it is. If I have the chance to create an editorial illustration in the future, I would love to use photography to create again.