For our final project, I decided to create two social media posts that are GIFs. These are intended to help promote the hair company Monat’s product Rejuvabeads Split End Mender. This product is for both men and women, so I thought it’d be best to create two different ones for each group. Below you will find some work in progress images from my process and a few mockups of my illustration in context.

These work in progress images capture the process I went through to get to my final result. I first started off focusing only on the brand’s colors, purple and blue, but after feedback I decided to change them to blue and green so that they wouldn’t be so stereotypically male blue and girl purple. I also was hoping to make the hair move in my GIFs, but that proved to be very tricky in making it look natural, so I decided to go with sparkles in the hair to show how the product can illuminate your hair. I drew and designed these posts in Adobe Illustrator and then put the GIFs together in Adobe Photoshop.

Here are two sample mockups of what the posts would look like on Instagram. If you would like to check out more of my work from the semester follow this link to my illustration portfolio page!