As an illustrator, I am currently exploring various mediums such as gouache and ink in my creations . I am learning from other illustrators, such as Lisa Congdon, awesome techniques to further develop my workflow and authenticity of my illustrations. One of my favorite techniques at the moment is combining mediums to create detailed illustrations, such as, sketching on paper and then scanning that image into adobe illustrator to further emphasis texture and adding color.

In the past three weeks, I have illustrated two self portraits, a pattern inspired by Lisa Glanz  and a book cover for The Three Little Pigs. In looking back at the process of creating each of these illustrations, I’ve picked up on who I am as an illustrator. I am detail-oriented, with a love for color and texture. I am organized through what can be a long list of steps in creating an interesting composition. I can receive constructive criticism and improve my illustrations from that feedback.

As an illustrator I appreciate feedback on my work because it allows me to create various iterations. This process has given me an end product that I am much happier with. I learn from each creations what I like from it and what I need to do differently in my next illustration.

As I continue my work, I want to further improve my approach in the manner I combine illustrations to create one composition. For example my pattern inspired by Lisa Glanz, I work with elements such as repetition, texture and placement. I would like to continue making these kind of patterns, but further develop the placement of these small illustrations to create a piece that keeps the eye moving. Below you can how I used texture in the cats body as well as the lettering in the text.

I also would like to continue exploring the notion of combing techniques in my illustrations. Specifically, I want to work with oil pastels and ink washes to create an interesting overlay.