For my final project I was given the choice of what I wanted to do. I thought about what I want to do after college or what I most enjoyed making during my college career. Some of the most fun I had was when I made a band poster in a previous class I had taken. So I decided to make a band poster and logo design for one of my favorite bands, Half Alive. I started with a simple sketch concept of a smiley face with half of the smiley face being a skull. I liked that idea so I scanned the image and went into Adobe Illustrator and began tracing the sketch with the pen tool to give it a sketchy hand drawn look. After I was finished with that I messed around with the color of the smiley face side and skull side. I ended up with two solutions: one with a red side for the smiley and blue side for the skull and one with black strokes only. After deciding that I took pictures of textured surfaces for the background of the poster I was making. I took a picture of the table in the foundations studio that had paint and other stuff splattered all over it that I thought looked nice. I brought it into Photoshop and messed around with its color curve a little bit and ended up with a cool colorful background. I decided to use the black stroke one for the poster since it ended up looking very nice on top of the colored background. After I did the background I added a drop shadow to the letters and logo to make it look less flat on the surface. I then printed the poster on 18in by 24in proofing paper and the smiley figure as a sticker. Overall I am happy with the way it turned out.


Poster Image

Final Poster and Stickers Printed:

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